Contact & References

Forrest Dillon has been working on harpsichords since 1974,
when he built his first instrument from a Zuckermann kit. In the
early 1980's he worked for the noted builder Eric Herz. In his
spare time he has since built six instruments, the most recent
a German double in 2012.

Having taken lessons over the years from several prominent harpsichordists, and attended workshops and masterclasses, Forrest
occasionally performs both as soloist and as continuo for small groups.

Since retiring in 2006 Forrest has been able to devote more time to the tuning, maintenance, and repair of harpsichords. His clients include private individuals throughout New England, and institutions such as Bowdoin College, the Bowdoin International Music Festival, the Portland Symphony, and the Portland Conservatory of Music.


•Plectra replacement and voicing
•String replacement
•Soundboard repairs
•Repairs to superficial damage
•Other repairs
•Harpsichord transportation

* A discount is offered for a program of scheduled tunings.


Most repairs and other work can be done where the harpsichord is located. Sometimes it is more appropriate for the work to be done in Forrest's workshop, and suitable transportation can be arranged.